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Cedarville University ID Card



● Photo exposure is too dark or too bright

● Photo quality is too low or in the wrong format

● Eyes or face are not clearly visible

● Background is not a solid white or blue color

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Cedarville University ID

The Cedarville University ID is the official ID card for Cedarville University. The Cedarville University ID is available to students, faculty, staff, and family members of the faculty and staff of Cedarville University. The Cedarville University ID card provides access to a variety of University services including:


● Color photo only

● Photo must be in JPEG format

● Photo must be portriat oreintation

● Photo must be a recent photo (no more than 6 months old)

● Photo taken against a plain single color background (preferably white or blue)

● Photo must be framed passport style (forward-facing, head and top of the shoulders in frame)

● Photo must have the face in the center with eyes and features clearly visible

● Natural or neutral expression (smile)

● No hats, caps, sunglasses, headphones, scarves, etc. (Religious head coverings are permitted)

● Photo must include only the person on the ID. No pets, friends, props, etc.

● Do not use any filers to alter the photo


Photos for the Cedarville University ID card must be submitted no later than July 15. Please use the upload photo option below to submit your photo. You will receive an email from a member of the Campus Security team confirming whether your photo was accepted or denied. If your photo is not accepted, you will be given a reason and you will be able to submit another photo.

If you are a new student your photo will be given to you when you arrive on campus for Getting Started Weekend. If you have questions or if you have missed the deadline please email

Cedarville University reserves the right to reject any submission not meeting the requirements of composition, format, and quality specified. By submitting your photo, you certify that the submitted photo is a true image of you and that this photo will become part of your official record at Cedarville University

Acceptable Photos

Common Mistakes


The Submission & Approval Process

Unacceptable Photos

Photo Requirements

● Secure entry into buildings, offices, and residence halls

● Centennial Library

● University athletic events

● Fitness & Recreation Center

● CedarPrint Stations

● Dining Facilities

Photos for the Cedarville University ID must meet the following criteria:


Some of the most common reasons for the rejection of a photo submission are: